Artifical intelligence
for humans.

Meet schnell.AI the flexible AI-toolbox to bring intelligence to your data.

  • Configurable and extensible pipelines
  • Modular extensions for simple integrations
  • AI demystified


Prepare your data. The schnell.AI-Runtime and modules helps everyone to take advantage of artifical intelligence and machine learning. With a simple steps


AI for non-coders. Flexible and configurable AI-projects with pipelines instead of hard-coded solutions.

Modular and extensible

Collaboration is key. You can integrate the data sources or machine-learning tasks you want to use.

From 0 to finish

The fastest way you'll get intelligence to your data. Take advantage of predefined templates for different use-cases.

Automation and integration

schnell.AI provides a powerful command-line-interface to simply integrate and automate your projects.

Find the right solutions

With the right modules you can bring your AI-project to life! Use simplified examples for your use-cases to get to your goal even faster.


Having a lot of informations but no specified classes? Clustering will help you to separate your data and find patterns.

Examples: Customer-classification, type-recognition


Having specific classes, you can use classification to automatically predict a class for your data-set. This will help you to categorize informations faster than ever.

Examples: Sentiment analysis, fraud-detection, type-recognition


Detect peaks and anomalies in time-series. This will help you to adapt to unexpected events and accelerate the process of finding odd behaviors.

Examples: Log-analysis, demand-analysis

Regression and prediction

Predicting the future is no black magic. Having time-series data? Get simple predictions to adapt your business to it. Nothing will suprise you.

Examples: Demand-prediction, price-prediction

Use existing data-sources

Use the right modules to implement your data-source. No matter if text-files (e.g. CSV) or living databases (e.g. MariaDB, ODBC) - use your existing data to build a AI-project.

Open for anything you need

With open APIs, developers can extend the schnell.AI-framework and implement various data-sources and AI business-cases.

Prepare for schnell.AI Pro

Configuration is not enough? Prepare for schnell.AI Pro - Coming this winter. A solution more simplified and solution-oriented AI-projects.

Graphical Interface

Edit and handle your AI-pipelines graphically with ease.

Marketplace and repository

Get and install modules in a simpler way.


Get access to one-click-solutions, like automated social-media sentiment-analysis.


Better APIs, services and integration-possibilities for running your project on a higher level.


schnell.AI is a highly customizable and useful toolkit for common AI and machine-learning projects.

Awesome Features

  • AI simplified
  • Powerful pipelines
  • Super extensible